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Microsoft Teams Summer School

Hybrid work is here to stay

The world has drastically changed, with a huge digital push. Remote working has quickly become the norm, but things are changing again. Are we going back to the office? Will we keep working remote? Perhaps both? Microsoft 365 and Teams will make hybrid work a walk in the park.

Are you sure that you and your colleagues are up to the challenges that lie ahead?

Join our Summer School and face the future of hybrid working with confidence.

Your struggles

  • It’s a struggle to have online meetings with colleagues working remotely
  • I understand the basics of Microsoft Teams but I feel like I’m not getting most out of it
  • I don’t want to have back to back online meetings anymore
  • It’s hard to manage my work/life balance
  • Giving a remote presentation is hard
  • It’s hard to stay in touch with my colleagues
  • I don’t really feel connected to the organisation

Research shows: 

feel the need for more communication with their organisation
wants more connection with their colleagues
wants more 1 on 1 time with their manager

*Source LinkedIn webinar April 2020 “What do your employees want?” 

Get your colleagues up to speed with our Summer School Challenges

Summer School challenges

Challenge 1
Hybrid meetings

How can you improve hybrid meetings with your colleagues. How do you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams meeting.

Challenge 2
Step into the limelight

Learn how to present yourself with confidence, how to get the most out of PowerPoint and much, much more.

Challenge 3
Digital collaboration

Learn more about the digital collaboration options within  Teams. And how to interact with your colleagues digitally.

Challenge 4
Optimal performance

You and your colleagues are not robots. How do you take care of yourself and eachother so that your performance is optimal.

So, are you ready to…

  • get the most out of your work tools?
  • easily collaborate with anyone, anywhere?
  • get comfortable with new ways of working?
  • get a better handle on your work/life balance?
  • show off your new skills to your colleagues?

Get on track with the Summer School

We have gathered the best experts in their fields to ensure you the best possible experience. Together we have set up the Summer School 2021!

The Summer School consists of four hybrid work challenges. Every Monday starts with a challenge. Throughout the week you will receive a short video each morning with hands on tips and tricks, from our experts, that you can put into practice that same day. And the daily time-investment? Only 15 minutes.

25-50 participants

77 per participant
  • 4 Challenges by professionals
  • Featured app in Teams
  • Online support


47per participant
  • 4 Challenges by professionals
  • Featured app in Teams
  • Online support

above 200 participants

contact us
  • 4 Challenges by professionals
  • Featured app in Teams
  • Online support

Let’s get future proof with Workspace Heroes.