Challenge 4: Perform Optimally

“Learn to listen (even) better to your body, so that you can perform optimally every day.”

A healthy working environment

As a manager, how do you ensure that employees achieve results now that they are continuously out of sight? And how do you ensure healthy employees in these times? How can you clarify these questions with the help of Workplace Analytics?

Head and heart are often separated. In this challenge, different doctors will teach you what is happening inside your body and to better recognize the signals in your body.

In collaboration with The Growth Lab, we also inform you about practical tools that can help you with this.

In this challenge you will learn all about:

  • Absenteeism in the current times

  • How do you recognize the signs

  • What can you do before things go wrong?

  • Prevention of absenteeism

  • How Workplace Analytics can support your organisation

A new, complex reality is challenging organizations and it is felt in the general well-being of employees. Organizations often ask occupational health services to help restore an unhealthy work environment. To be able to do this properly, an individual cannot be separated from the bigger picture and new problems must be solved with new ideas. Every organization is constantly changing, just as every person is changing. Cohesion therefore explores the needs for well-being of an individual, a team and management by going back to the basics. By finding the basics it is possible to look at solutions from a different angle.

With a holistic scan, Cohesion exposes the system that strengthens or balances well-being within an organization. They then work with the organization to develop a flexible plan for a vital working environment. She then guides the human capital so that every employee can get more out of themselves in the new working environment.

Cohesion thus reveals and guides organizations’ human potential towards growth. That makes Cohesie the other health and safety service.

This challenge is made possible by Cohesie.

Cohesion reveals and guides organizational human potential towards growth.