Challenge 2: Hello, can you hear me?

“I can teach you to present with confidence. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody else to belong somewhere or to be accepted. By being yourself, you know how to captivate others and stand out. Take your Stage!”

Take the digital stage

In this challenge you will learn how to present online in the best possible way. How do you position your screen correctly, how can you get the most out of PowerPoint? How do you take your digital stage?

In this challenge you will learn all about:

  • How to record a good video

  • How to creat interaction with the viewer

  • Why storytelling is important

  • What to do if things go wrong

  • How to make a great pitch

Eva Brouwer is a speaker, much sought-after chairman of the day, who, thanks to her extensive television experience, is a specialist in camera presentation.

Eva recently became the best female talent in the election of Chairman of the Day and wrote the #1 Management Book Bestseller ‘Presenting online in 10 steps’. In short: the ideal expert to help you with your (online) presentation skills!

This challenge is made possible by Eva Brouwer.

Eva Brouwer is a presenter, female chairman and presentation trainer.