With the yogurt still in the corners of your mouth, your colleague has slumped in a call. Apparently she hasn’t seen the green light on the camera and no one dares to say anything. Just before she wants to start flossing, she picks up her phone. She looks at the screen and freaks out. The floss falls out of her hands and she pulls her bathrobe straight. The last thing her colleagues see is her worried and furrowed face.

Then the screen turns black… Brrrrr…

Corona-, meeting- and work from home-tired

Okay, we might be exaggerating a little. But I’m sure you have seen a colleague who was a little too embarrassing. Or maybe you have been through something like this yourself. Unfamiliar with online meetings, we have all been there, and whether it is Teacher Gerri  standing half-naked in front of the screen, or your colleague cutting her nails, cuddling baby or petting a cat. The basics of online meetings is now clear: everyone can share documents, present, turn the sound and screen on and off. Good communication is more important than ever, but everyone has also grown tired of online meetings and working from home.

The internal hero once again intervened

Why did the screen turn black with the aforementioned colleague? Her colleague intervened. Just before the situation became even more uncomfortable, the half-naked yoghurt-eating colleague was digitally “removed” from the meeting. With a simple push of the button, worse is avoided.

Batman and Robin

You know them. The heroic superhero and his buddy. What would they do without each other? Nothing. Exactly! That’s the way it is in real life. Beneath that cool outfit of the superhero is an ordinary person who can’t reinvent this on its own.

We call this person “the internal hero.” It is the person standing behind you if you just don’t get it, but you never get scared. You can always call this person for an IT related problem. Explaining ten times quietly without even exasperated sighs is where you also recognize the internal hero. Even under stress. At  the biggest online events, he repairs mistakes without perspiring. He throws out the lifebuoy if you are in danger of drowning. Everyone wants to have those skills: patience, knowledge, or latest gadget.

Carry your internal hero on your hands and give him his Robin

This Batman needs a Robin to keep his nerve. He wants to help every day, but the day only has 24 hours. Even an internal hero can get tired of it because Google as Best Friend is pretty exhausting and Siri doesn’t always know everything either. The internal hero seeks a partner in crime (well, in  doing good.) He is looking for someone who has direct answers to his questions, who can pull him out of the pit and enthuse him permanently. Only a Robin gives him a fresh dose of energy. Especially now that working from home remains the norm for the time being.

Does the real Robin stand up?

Workspace Heroes works on work, we are that Robin and we motivate the internal hero long and in a light-hearted way. The Internal Hero learns new skills in modules shorter than 10 minutes at a time. In this way, the learned is quickly put into practice. This ensures the interconnection, he supports colleagues with more pleasure and that makes his colleagues work with more ease and pleasure with IT. With the nice side effect that the fatigue decreases and the rut is broken.

But first things first

Who is your internal hero? Nominate your hero here:  https://www.workspaceheroes.com/de-hero-van-de-maand/?lang=nl

PS: Do you want to know who Teacher Gerri  is? Look here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2eEuAjfDpA