In the past year, new or different means of communication were forcefully introduced. Action had to be taken quickly, there was little or no preparation and therefore little communication. It was ON and GO. A year has passed and many organizations are struggling with a surplus of communication resources. This is not only confusing, but also restless. The bleeps and the pop-ups during work or that nice colleague’s presentation, distract you.

Digital uncertainties lead to stress

Do you sometimes have Skype or Teams “open”? Or do you only click when there is a meeting? Do you notice that you and your colleagues run into the same digital uncertainties and stress factors? Does everyone always come to the digital work meeting? And do they have their camera on? Can you hear them? And do you still receive a timely answer to an e-mail or chat?

Do you recognize this?

Stop, wait a minute.

Just a minute.

Apparently it’s not running smoothly and that’s okay.

After a turbulent year of standing still

It is time for reflection.

Because for the time being, we will be working from home. Who knows, you may never go back to the office. This is the new way of working, but can it be sustained in this way?

No? Consider this: how are things now and what could be improved? What do you want to keep within this way of working and communicating digitally and what can you get out of it? Ask your colleagues: what do they need? And do you already know whether Microsoft Teams will remain or will be eliminated? Which communication tool do you think is best for your organization? And how do you want this to be communicated again?

Have you found out?

Maybe you still have doubts.

But can you work it out together.

Because then it really becomes fun!

Hitting nails on heads

Because in that case the time has come for crystal-clear communication. And hit the nail on the head. Because providing clarity about which ICT tool will be used from now on and for which communication goal is key. Then is when you keep people motivated and this digital jungle becomes an oasis of peace. Clear communication will certainly help you.

Learning through trial and error

Due to the speed at which had to be acted a year ago, the technology was simply turned on. It all started and gradually you and your colleagues have acquired preferences within the new offerings. Makes sense. But if, as an organization, you do not want WhatsApp to be used for business, for example, start communicating that clearly today. So that all noses will soon be pointed in the same direction.

How do you get everyone on the same page?

Think about which means of communication you want to use and when. Make that as clear as possible. Also indicate what the response times are that you can expect. Implement the traffic light method. Write down clear agreements and substantiate why this is chosen. Preferably do this on one A4 sheet that provides clarity at a glance.

Make communication a powerful tool again. Because then we keep seeing and hearing each other at the moments that matter. And don’t forget: if you turn on a system, dare to turn one off. Make choices as an organization.