On a regular basis, I get questions about the differences between OneNote and OneDrive? The names are so similar that many people are confused. Time for clarification! OneNote  OneNote is a digital notebook. It’s secretly hidden in the word (Note=note). You could compare it to your paper notebook but digitally. OneNote is generally perceived as difficult to understand. Especially in the beginning. The most important advice I always give here: start small! Start by digitally tracking your To do list from that day. Or keeping track of the actions from 1 meeting. And then stop writing on the yellow post-its. Or stop making single minutes written in Word. Why I ended up becoming a fan, because it took me a while, is because I can easily search through all the notes. Where I used to browse my handwritten notes desperately in search of that one note , I now simply search through all the notes with the search function. Yes, even all over my notebook. And that saves time! Lots of time!  OneDrive (for Business)  OneDrive is your personal document storage. Here too, it is secretly hidden in the name. Drive stands for storage location. And you may know Drive because it’s used in your daily job to pinpoint the G or H Drives where your documents are currently most likely are stored. In short: together with the 1, OneDrive means “your personal storage”. OneDrive is also a cloud-based storage location. And that means your documents are stored in a place that you can access using the Internet. The advantage of this is that wherever you have an Internet connection, you can access your documents.  The power of the combination The biggest advantages come from combining the above tools. You can save your digital notebook to OneDrive. With that, you have your notes with you anytime, anywhere. For example, on your smartphone. This way I can always quickly make an annotation during a meeting or in between. And that’s what I call the power of the combination! Do you have a frustration about anything? Or do you have a question? Share it with us and we’ll be happy to make it understandable to you!