The office chair has been purchased, a workplace has been created, your PC starts to hum happily when you turn it on in the morning. The screens turn on. You know it, you are respected in your field. And of course you have become more digitally skilled than you were in the past year. But you can’t be completely up-to-date. That makes sense, it was ON and GO.

And now you GO.

Like an express train. It is not possible to make a layover to learn the digital tools. There is also hardly any time for reflection in this new way of (collaborative) working. It is simply too busy with the activities for which you were hired at this organization at the time.

Can you manage that?

Find out for yourself?


Did you know that you are not alone? That more of your colleagues experience that too?

You are not the only one who does not fully understand what you are doing digitally. Did you know that your colleagues, just like you, are swimming in the numerical noodles of digital home work?

They just don’t tell.

Out of shame.

Uncalled for.

Speak up, don’t be ashamed. It is quite normal that you are not yet digitally proficient.

Tell your team leader because he/she is there for you to do something about it.

Afterwards you will feel three covid kilos lighter.

Adoption by doing it is!

We make hybrid working fun (again). We do this with team leaders, management, ambassadors and the people who want to lead the way digitally. With our many years of experience we have developed a practical method.

With this, IT will work for you and your team again and not against you.

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