Like everyone else, I try to balance between work and private life.

With the challenge: how can you and I let this pressure decrease slightly?

Since the start of the pandemic, work and private life has in many cases become a continuous puddle of time. That’s why sometimes you get, gratefully, distracted by a squeaky dryer. You take the opportunity to stretch your legs, to change your mind or simply to avoid work. But then, that deadline you have in an hour?

There you are: searching for the matching socks with a frowned forehead. You mumble something to yourself. That feels good. The mumbling becomes the stroke of genius for that deadline. It’s all in your head, but your head is tired of the screen. Your fingers were completely fed up with the keyboard for a while.


Typing dictaphone

Switch on your dictaphone in Word, and writes it out for you! Periods, commas, question and exclamation points is a huge plus to this feature. Not so long ago, this was only reserved for the director. There was a secretary sitting next the director to typing it out. Fortunately, now there is Word for everyone 😁.

Everyone can take advantage of this brilliant feature. It also works in Word Online so that it can be used for almost all Office licenses. And that gives equal opportunities to everyone!

A super smart and simple solution

I am using Office on my mobile and I have linked it to my work email.

Because I had an appointment with a customer, which was an hour away, it seemed like a waste of time. Because what do you normally do in such an hour? Often that is either calling or listening to a podcast or a radio station. Right?

Writing while driving

I had been looking at this dictaphone function for a while and thought why not write a piece while driving. The night before this experiment, I started a document on OneDrive (this is also possible in Teams, by the way). Just before departure I opened the relevant document and started the car engine. Then I turned on the dictation button in Word and just like that I finished six pages. All I had to do afterwards was edit, adjust and done.

Your data is safe

With this function, the audio data and transcribed pieces are not stored with parties other than the storage location where you store the document. In the case of OneDrive or Teams, the audio is only stored with Microsoft to be converted to written language.

Even child could do it, you can too, together with Word!

Will you let me know if you are going to use this tip and when? Or are you already using this feature and have even better pro tips? Because that’s what I’m always looking for! So I would say have fun and good luck with this feature.

A success with the combination of work and private life.