Who do you consult when you are digitally tangled up? Or do you already know it all?

What about your colleagues? Is their camera on? Are they asking if you can send a link for the meeting? Can they share a document? From which account does your colleague join? These are some signs that your colleague finds working digitally difficult.

Is it normal for them to find it difficult?


Almost every team struggles with this
For fear of being found ‘stupid’, the digital illiterate colleague is silent. Or people shout “I am too old anyway.” What we hear a lot is that the digital illiterate colleague is ashamed.

It is your job as a team lead to standby them.

But… how about your digital skills? Can you help your colleagues? Or are you also covering up?

Beeps and pop-ups lead to high workload
That wouldn’t be weird either. Because it was an overnight START and GO last year. Perhaps limited time and money was invested in your organisation to guide everyone to work digitally. And now a year later you notice this by the many forms of communication. WhatsApp, Skype, Google Meets, WebEx, Zoom and Teams. We see that organisations use different variants. As a result, you always has to find out where a meeting is taking place or how this means of communication works. This is also very distracting. Beeps and pop-ups are of course not conducive to a good focus.

So do your colleagues complain about lack of time, miss meetings or maybe you don’t really have a good idea what’s going on?

Read this signal as a request for help from your fine colleagues.

And remember, everyone misses the fun things that gave our lives color. With this in mind, connectedness in the digital workplace is more important than ever.

Fresh spring breeze through your workplace
Is there room within the organisation to learn more? As a team leader, how do you blow a fresh spring breeze through the workspaces of your working-from-home team? Because your swimming colleague can think: we are already a year on. I do not dare ask for (more) help. We will go back to the office in a few months.

But is that so? Do you go back to how it was? We predict: hybrid work is here to stay! And that can also be a lot of fun. That’s up to you as a manager. For example, it would save a sip on a drink to adopt one digital workspace. First of all, make sure to decide to use only one communication tool; that will for sure lead to advantages instantly.

Want to know more?
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