Now you’ve been having online meetings for a while. You know which link to click on to participate, share a document, and how to mute yourself or others so that the environment (child, partner, or pet) is not part of this business interaction. Working from home increases online meeting fatigue, you miss lunch with colleagues and the chat in the hallway. How does your organisation deal with that? How do you get the energy you always got when you’ve done something together and how do you regain that connection?  Workspace Heroes makes digitisation understandable and fun. Goal: more fun and connection That much more is possible with Microsoft 365 you may already know. And yes, of course it’s great if you want to learn the tools in every free minute and grow that way. But how do you then get your colleagues to learn the same thing if they, for example, shut down the laptop at six o’clock to start cooking. Workspace Heroes has developed a method for this reason in which not everyone, but a selection, the so-called ‘internal hero’ is brought to a digitally higher level. The internal hero learns to implement the tools immediately. In addition, he also learns how to motivate colleagues to do the same.  Hard and soft skills hand in hand. Workspace Heroes does not do this once but continuously (online). In this way, the change is implemented in smaller pieces and a steady change will be achieved. Above all, working digitally will be and will remain fun again, for everyone. Because learning fun new digital skills leads to self-confidence and an infectious enthusiasm. And that enthusiasm is the key to getting an entire team to the same digital level after a while.  Why the Workspace Heroes program? Workspace Heroes was founded by Carina De Vries, for years she worked as a consultant for a Microsoft Partner and gave Office training at various organisations. She noticed that when she came back after a while to see how it went, there was again a lot of frustration among the employees. The training turned out to be unsustainable and that makes sense; learning something once doesn’t usually happen.  More digital work pleasure  Workspace Heroes gets to work with the internal hero personally and step by step with Office and Microsoft 365. Concrete? A Workspace Hero consultant shows it, the internal hero participates until he can do it himself, it is motivating to understand a useful tool or improved work process down to the last detail. We do this until the internal hero is ready for the next step. Workspace Heroes keeps the internal hero enthusiastic and up-to-date on the latest software developments and changes and then makes them their own. That’s nice because that’s how the organisation keeps leading the way and doesn’t have to go after it itself. Everyone benefits from this, because it leads to less frustration and more job satisfaction.  Create a chain reaction with an internal hero The internal hero creates a chain reaction: if someone in the team is enthusiastic, this person will surely enthuse one other colleague. This colleague manages to convince the next one and so on. If they then know which button to press and when, it all works much better and digital working becomes more fun and connecting. Did anyone ask during the program? Workspace Heroes is available 24/7. Workspace Heroes knows that step by step works better than at once, also because things are constantly changing in the software. This method also ensures that the input for a colleague does not fall raw on his or her roof. It is being overwhelmed by many changes and changes are very much alive in the workplace at the moment.  Be  the  change: Be  the  Hero To start the Workspace Heroes Program yourself, you’ll have everything already in place: Microsoft 365 and the Internal Hero for more fun and connecting way of working. Do you also want to connect with your colleagues through IT? Send an email to