What happens to the internal hero after it is found within the organization? Wait, what? Who’s the internal hero? This is the person who stands behind you when you just think you don’t get it, but you never get scared. You can always call this person for an IT related issue. Explaining ten times quietly without sighing once is what you recognize the internal hero by. Even under pressure. At the biggest online events, he/she corrects errors without sweating. The hero throws out the lifebuoy when you’re in danger of drowning.

Baby steps with a big smile…

Compare it to raising a baby. Everything is there, the predisposition is there, but the baby has yet to grow in the superhero jacket. This can be done by feeding, giving attention and making laughter and just like with a real baby.

Perhaps an absurd comparison for your internal hero, but also an internal hero must remain enthusiastic otherwise the learning will get stuck and growth will stagnate.

Fun and learning go hand in hand

The organization puts forward an internal hero and we start with an intake. Through this interview we find out which skills the internal hero wants to develop better, what he/she likes and what feels comfortable. So they choose what they want to work on. After ten minutes it is known what the learning path entails. Both hard and soft skills are discussed, because an internal hero wants to share information with colleagues. That’s why the hero also learns how best to transfer the information: after all, hard and soft kills go hand in hand.

A never-ending digital friend

Workspace Heroes guides the internal hero through the wonderful world of Microsoft 365 tools. The first weeks this is an intensive training: spend 10 minutes each day on a tutorial to apply and repeat the skill directly in the parktijk. Until it (almost) goes by itself. In addition, the world does not stand still and everyone knows that there are constant technical updates, but keeping track of every update and erasing is often not feasible. So Workspace Heroes keeps the hero up to date for a year. Working from home more pleasantly and easily is now more important than ever and so the internal hero gets a digital friend (in addition to Siri and Google) in the form of a chatbot. This buddy has an answer to all questions.

Because the internal hero is immersed in the wonderful world of Microsoft tools, it won’t be long before his or her colleagues are ignited with that infectious enthusiasm about the tools. It is so contagious that after a while everyone works with more pleasure, also at home.

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