That’s the question you’ll hearing by default when you call the IT service desk. Frustrating, isn’t it? And yet it is a very good solution. Every IT-colleague knows that this action solves 80% of the problems. But why does this solve most problems?

We live in a world full of digital resources: your laptop, smartphone, tablet, even your watch! All of them are full of technology. But how does that technology actually work?

All computers
Each device works through the brilliant interplay between hardware and software. Hardware is the thing itself, that what you can touch. Software are the programs on which you can do something. You can compare it to the human body: your body is the hardware, your brains are the operating system (software).

Your daily trading is controlled by your brain, the operating system. For example, the best-known operating systems are Windows, iOS and Android.

The operating system: King multitasking

Your brains determine what needs to happen in your body when you walk, sleep, or eat. They steer muscles, bring your body in motion and divide your energy. That is the same with the operating system. Everything that makes a computer move is controlled by the operating system. It regulates the order within your computer and distributes the memory, sends other software and monitors all other sources.
This makes sure that the computer does what you want: you click on the icon and the program starts, you type and the text appears in your image. In the background you may have a music on it, in between you find information on it and sometimes a message pops up that you have new mail. Your operating system is the king in multitasking and ensures that all those processes run smoothly and in the right order.


But sometimes it goes wrong.

SAY: You bring your child to school and a parent draws your attention. But actually you have to go away because you have an appointment at the dentist. Then at the same, your phone rings. Your colleague…. with an urgent issue. The steam is coming out of your ears! Keeping all balls in the air, ask quite a bit of you.
The same thing happens with your computer. During startup, the computer goes through a fixed sequence of actions. During these actions, the computer checks all necessary steps. By going through that fixed order, you get a fixed result of a working computer. Sometimes something goes wrong in that order and the system gets confused. Result: a jammed device.
The fix: reboot your device

Just like in real life, a good night sleep helps to feel better. That also works with your computer: reboot up and cheerfully continue.
Does rebooting not solve the issue? Call your colleague from the IT service desk! Your opening phrase: I’ve already rebooted!